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College Job Boards – where to post your resume after college

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Congratulations, you are now one of only 38% of Americans who graduate from college. You have successfully put yourself into an elite class of employment opportunities called “white collar” jobs.

*data based on Lumina Foundation study conducted in 2010.

Typically white collar jobs do not find you after college.. you have to go out and find them. One of the best and most effective ways to find your first job after college is thru networking with colleague’s, family, family friends, and recruiters in person; or thru professional social networks such as

While networking is the best channel you should also include job boards as part of your daily job search ritual.
Your first step is to make sure you have your resume posted on all 4 of the following job boards. Once you have your resume posted you should establish a daily ritual where you are committed to spending anywhere from 1 to 4 hours per day applying for jobs. Job boards have a reputation of being a sort of black hole.. you put your resume in and never hear anything back. However, keep in mind.. if your resume is not in the employers database, they can’t find you when they are ready to hire a New College Grad.

Here are 4 college job boards that I consider to be the most widely used by employers:

About the Author:

Nathan Sanders is the President and Founder of BRIDGENEX, a full service staffing firm which provides services including professional search, temporary personnel placement, RPO, and contingent workforce management. Bridgenex is privately held and headquartered in San Jose, California the heart of the Silicon Valley.

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